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Evergreen Marine And X-Press Feeders Sign MOA For Launch of Green Shipping Routes in Europe

Evergreen Marine And X-Press Feeders Sign MOA For Launch of Green Shipping Routes in Europe

X-Press Feeders Signs Sustainability-Linked Loan Agreement

X-Press Feeders Dual-Fuel Vessels

X-Press Feeders Poised To Launch Green Shipping Routes In Northern Europe

X-Press Feeders & OCI Green Methanol Offtake Agreement

OCI Global and X-Press Feeders sign green methanol offtake agreement, decarbonizing a key link in the global shipping chain

Signing ceremony

X-Press Feeders Group Orders 6 More Dual-Fuel Vessels Taking Another Step In Achieving Their Decarbonisation Goals

PSA Port Tariff Increase with effect 1 July 2023

X-Press Feeders commitment to protecting whale populations

Hazardous Goods and/or IMDG Cargo Misdeclaration Fee

X-Press Feeders Decarbonisation Targets Update

Revision to PSA Singapore Container Terminals Price List

Launch of Ireland Baltic X-Press

Launch of Benelux Baltic X-Press (BBX 2)

Launch of Germany Sweden X-Press (GSX)

Enhancement of the Mexico Central America (MCX) service

Launch of Straits India X-Press (SIX)

Launch of Nigeria Guinea Gulf X-Press (NGX)

Launch of China Jebel Ali X-Press (CJX)

Launch of Singapore - Jakarta X-Press (SJX) service

8 new fuel-efficient ships to join the X-Press Feeders fleet

Enhancement of the Panama Central America X-Press (PCX) service

Enhanced Service Announcement: Benelux Baltic X-PRESS (BBX) Loop 2

Launch of Mexico Central America X-Press (MCX)

Advisory on Verified Gross Mass (VGM) guidelines

X-Press Feeders Launches North China India X-Press (NIX)

X-Press Feeders Launches Subcontinent Gulf X-Press

Message from Tim: X-Press Feeders Getting to Zero

X-Press Feeders Launches India Red Sea X-Press (IRX)

Notice on Yangtze River Protection Law, wef 1st March 2021

X-Press Feeders Launches North China X-Press (NCX)

X-Press Feeders Launches Haiphong Straits X-Press (HSX)

The X-Press Feeders Distance

X-Press Feeders launches Singapore Ho Chi Minh X-Press (SHX)

Fundación Hogar Divino Niño

X-Press Feeders Launches China India West Coast X-Press (CWX)

X-Press Feeders adds Klaipeda call on Benelux Baltic X-Press (BBX)

X-Press Feeders Launches West Coast South America X-Press (WSX)

X-Press Feeders Launches North Finland X-Press (NFX)

X-Press Feeders Launches Sweden Finland X-Press (SFX)

X-Press Feeders Launches West Coast X-Press (WCX)

X-Press Feeders Plastic Awareness Day 2020

X-Press Feeders Launches Straits Middle East X-Press (SMX)

X-Press Feeders adds Akita call to our Busan Niigata X-Press (BNX) service

X-Press Feeders Launches Spain Portugal X-Press 3 (SPX3)

X-Press Feeders Launches Denmark Sweden X-Press (DSX)

X-Press Feeders Launches Adriatic X-Press 2 (ADX2)

A Tribute to James Sherwood

Message from our Executive Chairman & Board of Director, Tim A. Hartnoll on X-Press Feeders Management Developments

X-Press Feeders Launches Singapore Pasir Gudang X-Press (PGX)

X-Press Feeders adds DPCT to Bohai Feeder 2 service rotation

X-Press Feeders Launches our newly improved MAX 2 service

Coastal Cleanup in Singapore

X-Press Feeders joins TradeLens

Coastal Cleanup in Panama