X-Press Feeders Launches West Coast South America X-Press (WSX)

WSX new 13 sep 2020X-Press Feeders is pleased to inform that we will be launching West Coast South America X-Press (WSX) from 13 September 2020.

WSX will serve the following ports weekly:

Balboa - Buenaventura - Manta - Guayaquil - Callao - Iquique - Arica - Callao - Paita - Guayaquil - Balboa 

As we are adding Buenaventura, Iquique and Arica to the list of port calls, customers can expect to access all West Coast South America transhipment hubs on this service. (Balboa, Buenaventura and Callao)

We look forward to your support.


X-Press Feeders