Hazardous Goods and/or IMDG Cargo Misdeclaration Fee

15 July 2022

Dear Valued Customers,

Incorrectly declared cargos pose greater risks to vessel’s/crew safety and marine environment. With an increasing number of casualties in the container industry mainly attributed to misdeclaration of cargo, X-Press Feeders is strengthening our safety guidelines. As such, we will be implementing a penalty of USD 10,000 PER misdeclared container, in any form including but not limited to misdeclaration of hazardous goods or IMDG cargo or weights.

You will also assume all liabilities whatsoever that may arise from such misdeclaration under the applicable contract or our conditions of carriage and the payment of penalty does not/will not absolve you from any liability.

We seek your understanding as we are taking this initiative in order to protect the safety of our crew and vessels as well as the cargo of all of our customers.
We thank you for your continuous support. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kindest Regards,

X-Press Feeders