Notice on Yangtze River Protection Law, wef 1st March 2021

notice-on-yangtze-river-protective-lawDear Valued Customers / Partners,

We wish to inform the trade that Yangtze River Protection Law will come into force on 1st March, 2021.

Under the new law, it is forbidden to transport “highly toxic chemicals” and “other dangerous chemicals” prohibited by the state from inland transportation. These cargoes are also prohibited on water in the Yangtze River Basin. From 1st of March 2021, ships will be banned in transportation of the entry, exit, transit and transhipment of the above prohibited cargoes, including bulk and in package.

Any violation of this new law will be subject to hefty fine (between RMB200,000 to RMB2,000,000), and in serious cases, offenders shall be ordered to suspend business and have their business licenses revoked.

Please be advised in adherence to the new regulations and with effect from 1st March, 2021 (sailing date), as Shanghai WGQ terminals are situated within the Yangtze River Basin, X-Press Feeders will not be able to accept all DG application for commodities listed under this list for loading and discharging in Shanghai WGQ. X-Press Feeders shall also be unable to accept all DG application for commodities listed under this list for other port of loadings and discharges that require said cargo to be Remain on Board (ROB) in transit or transhipped in Shanghai WGQ.

Please be further advised that any shipment of the prohibited dangerous commodities already on board X-Press Feeders operated vessels currently that are meant to be discharged or transited in Shanghai WGQ after 1st March, 2021, X-Press Feeders shall take necessary measures to discharge these shipments at an earlier port of call before Shanghai WGQ. Shippers / Partners will be required to take delivery of the shipment at the new port of discharge and make oncarriage to a new destination under their own arrangement. All additional costs incurred by vessel operator to discharge these containers shall also be borne by the shippers / partners.

We appreciate your urgent attention to this trade notice.