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Ad Hoc Shuttle Service for Port Sudan

Ad Hoc Shuttle Service for Port Sudan Following the Eid holidays, Port Sudan is slow in recovering to their normal productivity. The accumulated backlog of importing and exporting containers resulted in long waiting time for berth and slow operations for calling vessels under regular scheduled services. A direct result of increasing delays prompted omissions of Port Sudan calls. This in turn caused a build-up of containers in nearby transshipment ports.

In response to the mounting demand for an interim common feeder solution to Port Sudan, X-Press Feeders has in the first instance announced an ad hoc King Abdullah -Jeddah - Port Sudan shuttle service for Shippers' Owned Containers. The scheduled vessel AS Aries will first arrive Jeddah on the 10th August, and phase into our Port Sudan service in order to cover ongoing demands.

In Red Sea, X-Press Feeders operates a comprehensive network of services covering upper & lower Red Sea. The services are designed to complement each other in terms of vessel deployment, allowing flexibility to arrange ad hoc services on relative short notice. This allows X-Press Feeders to react timely and preemptively to the customers' needs and requirements in Red Sea.