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Our social pledge to the community is to help educate the most vulnerable children living in poverty so they can have a brighter future. We support several charities, at which employees also volunteer.

As a global company we are proud to be a diverse and dynamic workplace for our employees.

We employ hundreds of people in a variety of functions and departments. We are determined to provide equal development opportunities for all employees to enable their advancement within the organization. 

Employee wellbeing

X-Press Feeders aims to be an attractive and competitive employer. We provide our employees with competitive salaries and all the benefits stipulated by law.

Diversity, Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination

At X-Press Feeders, we believe that everyone is equal in all our business operations and units. That is why we are determined to provide equal development opportunities for all employees to enable their advancement within the organization. X-Press Feeders has business locations scattered around the globe, and all our employees are important assets who keep our business going. Therefore, there is a need for the company to respect and follow internationally recognized human rights and standards. Our company is strongly against any discrimination throughout our organization. At X-Press Feeders, we hire people by their merits and capabilities, not by their nationalities, race or gender.

Occupational health and safety

We are committed to maintain a safe environment with zero occupational accidents at the workplace. With all working conditions in full compliance with local and international laws and regulations, we also conduct health and safety risk assessments on a regular basis. We update our safety policies regularly to keep all company employees updated. Safety trainings, including refresher trainings, fire drills and emergency response drills are conducted on a regular basis to ensure all employees are able to react in times of emergencies.

Human rights and labour practices

We ensure that the human rights of all employees are respected. X-Press Feeders supports human rights and ethical labor practices in all Company’s locations and vessels, for all our employees and customers. X-Press Feeders’s entire workforce is employed based on national laws. We do not allow use of any forced labor or exploitative working condition, and prohibits child labor.

Training and education

We believe that training and development of employees are important in order to equip employees with the basic and essential skills, knowledge, and attitude in performing competently in their job. For our new employees, we have onboarding programs in place to allow them to have a better understanding about the company. The company is in the midst of developing a Learning Management System