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X-PRESS FEEDERS* is the largest independent feeder carrier in the world, providing a wider geographic coverage than any other.

Who is X-Press Feeders?
  • The most Geographically diverse Feeder Carrier business in the World.
  • None of the boxes we carry belong to us, so we do not compete with any of our customers.
  • 80 ships, from 250teu to 4000+teu effective.
  • Ranked Top-25 Container operator by capacity (AXS-Alphaliner).
  • 3.6 million TEUs (2013)
  • 'Group 5' P & I (West of England).
What is an SOC Common Carrier?
  • No containers of their own.
  • Not owned by, or aligned to, any particular MainLine carrier.
  • Network open to all owners of containers.
Why do SOC Feeders exist?
Because we can offer:
  • A variable cost rather than a locked-in fixed cost
  • A better frequency than an individual player.
  • Scale = slot cost effectiveness.
  • Single-minded focus on the feeder product.
Who is in the SOC market?

Alphaliner - Top 100 : Operated fleets as per 05 June 2014

*Following a brand reorganisation in mid 2011, X-PRESS FEEDERS is the new name of the combined services previously marketed under Sea Consortium and X-Press Container Line.

The Company has recently posted a job advertisement on WDA jobsbank stating “preferably 30 – 40 years old” for a vacancy.
The posting was an unintentional error and does not reflect the practices of the Company. The posting has immediately been amended.

We assure that this will not happen again and are affirmative that we uphold the Tripartite Guidelines for Fair Employment.

Elizabeth Wong
Human Resources and Administration Department