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X-PRESS FEEDERS* is the largest independent feeder carrier in the world, providing a wider geographic coverage than any other.

Who is X-Press Feeders?
  • The most Geographically diverse Feeder Carrier business in the World.
  • None of the boxes we carry belong to us, so we do not compete with any of our customers.
  • 80 ships, from 250teu to 4000+teu effective.
  • Ranked Top-25 Container operator by capacity (Alphaliner).
  • 3.6 million TEUs (2013)
  • 'Group 5' P & I (West of England).
What is an SOC Common Carrier?
  • No containers of their own.
  • Not owned by, or aligned to, any particular MainLine carrier.
  • Network open to all owners of containers.
Why do SOC Feeders exist?
Because we can offer:
  • A variable cost rather than a locked-in fixed cost
  • A better frequency than an individual player.
  • Scale = slot cost effectiveness.
  • Single-minded focus on the feeder product.
Who is in the SOC market?

Alphaliner - Top 100 : Operated fleets as per 05 June 2014

*Following a brand reorganisation in mid 2011, X-PRESS FEEDERS is the new name of the combined services previously marketed under Sea Consortium and X-Press Container Line.