X-PRESS FEEDERS offers a wide range of career opportunities in different countries for talented people across the globe. Whether you are fresh from school or a seasoned professional in engineering, operations or business, you can find a match to your talents and ambitions in our diverse operations. Whether you prefer to be an individual contributor or a manager, X-PRESS FEEDERS provides you and your supervisor with the framework and tools to map out your career path and find success in your career.

Diversity and Inclusion

At the heart of our business is diversity. Having a diverse workforce cultivates respect for individuality and supports the growth of the company by recognizing differences in values and ideas. We seek people of diverse backgrounds and life experiences and challenge them to work unconventionally.


X-PRESS FEEDERS is committed to providing competitive benefit programs that are of value to employees. The programs are monitored and enhanced regularly with new market developments. Be it in the area of medical, dental, insurance or vacation days, at the centre of our benefits philosophy is meeting the short term and long term needs of the greatest asset in the Company, the employee.

Professional Development

Learning and Development is key to the success of our business. We offer life-long learning and professional development opportunities to employees to be the best in their fields.

Work Culture

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UK Based Cadet Training Programme

...The largest independent common carrier of containers in the world...

X-PRESS FEEDERS have attracted talents through a management trainee scheme to feed the pipeline for critical roles and succession planning. In 2015 X-PRESS FEEDERS introduced a Cadet Training Programme in partnership with some of the leading maritime training colleges in Singapore and United Kingdom. We offer opportunities to graduates for a career at sea on our vessels and/or join us later on a shore based job.

Our expanding owned fleet now enables us to offer practical seagoing experience whilst studying through a 3 year UK based Cadet Training Programme in partnership with some of the leading maritime training colleges. Although we will recruit with a later shore based career in mind, we are also interested in those who wish to continue their career at sea on our vessels.

If you are a UK or EU national interested in obtaining a deck or engineering qualification then a lifelong career with the X-PRESS cadet package, managed by V.Ships could be for you.

What can you expect from this 36-month training programme:

Maritime Industry


Receive comprehensive training in phases and work towards a career in the maritime.
Critical Skills


Learn a wide range of critical skills through tailored courses in marine and safety.


Assigned Supervisor to provide supervision and guidance through the training programme.

Foundation Science Degree Routes entry criteria:

  • A minimum of 48 UCAS points Plus (New UCAS System)
  • GCSE Maths – minimum of grade B
  • GCSE Science – minimum grade B (preferably with a Physics content)
  • GCSE English – minimum grade C (Other qualifications may be considered)
  • A degree in a related subject. Management, Engineering etc.

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