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Autistic Beneficiaries

Celebrating Singapore’s 53rd birthday with a worthy cause


As we celebrate Singapore’s 53rd birthday in the month of August, X-Press wanted the monthly “All Fruits Day” to be of a worthy cause. We decided to work with a social enterprise and met up with Serene who works with special needs people. We were proposed some ideas and the macarons in our National flag colours baked by autistic beneficiaries captured our attention. Although we didn’t get the red and white effects and some macarons were a bit uneven or broken, the macarons tasted good (and not too sweet)! Staff were supportive and didn’t mind the imperfection of the macarons because what really was important is that job opportunities were created for these special people.

For more information on this beneficiary group, you can check out their website at or Facebook at crumbbakers.