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Chittagong Berthing Delays

Dear Valued Customers,

Recently, we are observing an upward spike in berthing delays at the Port of Chittagong, with berth quota of container vessels restricted to 10 berths. Despite reasonable levels of productivity, berthing delays remains at 4-6 days for container vessels. The main causes of berthing delays are attributed to the increase in the number of ad hoc vessels and CPA’s inability to provide more than 10 berths for container vessels.

Container yards continue to be crowded due to inadequate equipment to expeditiously enable LO/LO of empties, FCL delivery of containers and FCL un-stuffing within CPA container yards. Additionally, the heavy congestion on the roads outside port gates mainly due to construction works on the flyover, is exacerbating congestion inside the port restricted area, including jetty areas.

In view of the above and the influx of imports prior to Ramadan, we foresee that the situation will remain as it is today till post EID/May 2021.

Under these challenging circumstances X-Press Feeders shall make all efforts to effectively manage schedule integrity. However, please note X-Press Feeders shall not be responsible for any damages/costs, including but not limited to consequential costs, such as storage, cargo re-nomination at T/S ports, etc., due to delays related to above highlighted.