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X-PRESS FEEDERS is the largest independent common carrier in the world, providing a wide geographical coverage. With no containers of our own, we provide only service and not competition to our customers.

We charter a fleet of more than 110 vessels (up to post panamax size), of which 40 are owned. X-PRESS FEEDERS operate throughout Asia, Middle East, Caribbean, Central America, Mediterranean and Europe. 2017 annual throughput was in excess of 5.6 million TEUs.

We are a privately owned global organisation, employing a team of over 300 dedicated staff to serve your needs. We have fully fledged operation teams in Singapore, Dubai, Bombay, Hamburg, Barcelona and Panama. We have the right people to provide the network, schedules and expertise to enable our customers to compete with the most reliable services at the lowest possible cost.

X-PRESS history

Started operations in 1972 out of South East Asia and has grown to become the largest common carrier in the world.

An independent carrier

What sets us apart is that we are an independent common carrier that do not own, lease or operate any containers. X-PRESS FEEDERS provides transportation services only to container operators and not to proprietary cargo interests or the general shipping public.

This means that, we do not compete with our customers, allowing us to act as a trustworthy and completely impartial contractor.

Our Core Values



… we understand that time is money. When we promise that your shipment will arrive at a specific time, we will deliver.

Service Oriented

… we put our customers before us, always going the extra mile to serve their needs.
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Your preferred one-stop feeder service provider

We customise and provide multiple service routes and schedules so that your shipment can reach the intended destination on time.

Feeder Service Provider

X-PRESS FEEDERS provides feeder services in which cargoes are shipped by water in smaller vessels to/from a transhipment port for loading to or unloading from larger ocean-going vessels.

What can you benefit from feeder service?

Flexible service
You can book either on our scheduled service or we can tailor-make voyage(s) that meet your specific requirement.
Cost efficiency
Your main line vessels do not need to call smaller ports to load or discharge small quantities.
Faster shipping time
Main line vessels can continue their journey with lesser stop-overs. Our feeder services also provide multiple sailings a week to/from main transhipment ports.
Quicker cargo dispersion
Containers from a main line vessel can be distributed to multiple feeder services more effectively and efficiently.
Wider port coverage

Who Are We?

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The world’s largest and Most Geographically Diverse common carrier

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independent carrier

Independently, trustworthy and completely impartial common carrier

SOC carrier

Being a SOC Common Carrier, we do not compete with any of our customers




Carried 5.6 Million TEU in 2018

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Ranked top 14 Container Operator by capacity

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Awards & Nominations

"Customer first. Always."

Our results speak for themselves. Over the years, we have won numerous awards and receive accolades for our services from all over the world. We are recognized and rewarded by our customers, industry and media. We would not have achieved these results without YOU, our valued customers.

We are:

  • The largest common carrier in terms of Shipper Owned Containers (SOC) carried
  • The most geographically diverse feeder operator
  • 15th on the AXS global ranking of container ship operators

X-PRESS Gives Back

At X-PRESS FEEDERS, we believe in giving back to the communities in many of the places our ships call.

social-responsibility - girl happy in class
Thousands of children all around the world have benefitted from our educational, welfare and charity projects.
We readily provide free shipping of aid items to charity organisations globally, contributing to their efforts in helping the community.


Shipping of containers made safe.



Current booking system will not change.
  • Box operators are responsible to provide VGM information prior to the loading terminal cut off.
  • Customers with exisiting EDI arrangements, may update VGM information via EDI.
  • If necessary, for customers without existing EDI arrangement, X-PRESS can provide an excel template which includes fields for all required VGM details. Box Operator will have to fill up this template for each shipment and for all containers.
  • ELL / EDI information will be updated into the X-PRESS system, from where Load lists will be generated for stowage planning / re-distribution to terminal & vessel in required electronic formats.
  • Containers without VGM details will not be loaded

The Regulation:

Effective 1st July 2016, SOLAS Chapter VI, Regulation 2, paragraph 6, will be enforced, which states: A container packed with packages and cargo items should not be loaded onto a ship to which the SOLAS regulations apply unless the master or his representative and the terminal representative have obtained, in advance of vessel loading, the verified actual gross mass of the container.

X-PRESS FEEDERS Conditions of Carriage will be amended to reflect this Statutory Requirement from 1st July 2016.

  • X-PRESS FEEDERS as a SOC Common Carrier shall not be responsible for the accuracy / authenticity of a VGM certificate as declared by a shipper, but shall comply with "The Regulation" by ensuring that every container accepted for loading has a VGM certificate prior to finalizing the booking.
  • Only VGM Weights will be used for pre-load stowage plans. Therefore VGM confirmation will be required prior terminal cut off.
  • X-PRESS FEEDERS shall not load any containers without a VGM certificate after 1st October 2016 as this would be a contravention of SOLAS regulations. The grace period allowed by MSC Circ 1548 ends on 30th Sept 2016.
  • Any associated charges due to VGM related issues (including, but not limited to, weighing / re-weighing / re-certification, shifting within the terminal and/or cancellation charges), shall be on box operator's account.

VGM Updates:

VGM Information required:
Container Number The container number mentioned on the VGM Certificate
VGM Weight / Qualifier This is the Weight mentioned in the VGM certificate from Shipper / Confirmation that the weight declared is VGM.
VGM Certificate - Authorized Person This is the Name of the Authorized person identified as the shipper’s representative, who is responsible for issuance of the certificate.
VGM Certificate Number Where a certificate number is referenced on the actual certificate.
VGM Certificate Issuing Party Name and address of the company which issued the VGM certificate.
VGM Issue Date Date of issue of VGM Certificate.
VGM Method Method 1: Total Gross Mass of the Container after packing
Method 2: Certified Weight of individual packages of cargo added to Container Tare Weight.

** Incase required by different National Regulations**

Dear Valued customers,

We’re pleased to announce that X-PRESS FEEDERS has joined WWF-Hong Kong’s ‘say-no to shark fin’ campaign. We are committed to working responsibly to combat the overfishing of shark species. Therefore we will be implementing procedures to ensure that our vessels and services are not used for the carriage of Shark fin products.

Hammerhead shark finned alive and thrown overboard to drown

Shark fin demand is one of the greatest threats to shark species today. Nearly 100 million sharks are estimated to be killed every year. Illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing practices are not uncommon.

One quarter of sharks and related species are threatened with extinction. Sharks are considered a ‘keystone’ species of our marine ecosystem. “Shark losses can contribute to the destruction of the delicate balance of ocean ecosystems, which are essential for the numerous species that depend on it and for humans.”

Protecting sharks is vital to promoting healthy oceans around the world.

Yours faithfully,


Says NO to Shark Fin

Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) News

The X-PRESS Post

World class Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

We provide international secure link, of which information of your shipment can be exchanged instantly.
Electronic Data Interchange image

X-PRESS FEEDERS has EDI (Electronic Data Interface) capabilities with most of the port and terminal authorities in the regions we operate. We also provide Data Interchange for Booking, Scheduling and Invoicing to our customers. EDI processes reduce the risk of errors in data transfer and ensure efficient and fast data interchange. We have an efficient in-house IT team which helps us to cater to all EDI requirements.

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